Enjoy the sights, sounds, and vendors at the Greenpoint Terminal Market. Explore and Discover the food, fun, music, and crafts that this wonderful outdoor market has to offer. Have Fun and Good Luck!


  • This AndyQuest has unique missions that can be completed anytime while at the Greenpoint Terminal Market.  The estimated time of completion is 1-2 hours; however, depending on your skill and speed, it may be quicker or longer.  Have fun and Good luck!

  • 1)  Open your GooseChase app 

    Click here to download on Android

    Click here to download on iPhone 

    2) Choose "Play as Guest" or log into your Goosechase account

    3) Search for "AQ-Greenpoint Terminal Market"

    4) Choose your Adventure and Join Game

    5) Create Team and Enter your unique password: ZD5X55

    6) Give yourself an Awesome Team Name and Share your Access Code with everyone on your team

    7) Start your AndyQuest!