Kids Learn More When They Have Fun!


When kids play, they have a sparkle in their eye that is full of life, wonder, and excitement. Unfortunately, when it's time for them to sit down and learn, this sparkle often fades and their excitement turns into a dull, mundane annoyance. According to Healthline's The Importance of Play: How Kids Learn by Having Fun and Dr. Tiff Jumaily, a pediatrician at Integrative Pediatrics and Medicine Studio City in Los Angeles, “Play is how children learn.” What’s more, according to a 2012 study, play reduces stress. “On the whole, play is associated with responses that facilitate learning… [and] work off stress,” says Jumaily.

Make it fun and they will learn.

According to, that's the conclusion of a new Canadian study that analyzed a kindergarten teaching program that favors playful activities and socializing over sit-down lectures. In the end, the innovative program appeared to give kids a leg up on reading, writing and arithmetic. "Before children have the ability to sit for long periods absorbing information the way it is traditionally presented in school through lectures, they need to be allowed to be active and encouraged to learn by doing," said study author Dr. Adele Diamond.

AndyQuest's Main Goal: To Make Learning and Moving Fun!

AndyQuest provides an exciting and engaging way to allow kids to learn while moving and having fun. By focusing on subjects that are important to learn and teaching them in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step way that is full of fun facts, interesting insights, and exciting tasks, each mission will help bring that sparkle back while sprinkling education and movement within the missions.

Kids' favorite activity. Parents' favorite educational resource.

By using insight from parents, educators, and kids, we are developing and adding new quests every week, so you will have endless opportunities to enjoy education through exploration and create wonderful memories while learning and moving at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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