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Local Scavenger Hunts!

We believe that spending time with family and friends is what turns an ordinary life into something extraordinary.  Local Scavenger Hunts combines the excitement of traveling, learning, and exploring with the joy of spending time with your favorite people in a fun and unique way.  Make great memories, awesome photos and videos, and have a blast with our scavenger hunts!

We have the best family-friendly scavenger hunts featuring all the great things that are unique to each location and theme.  Some of our scavenger hunts can be done ANYWHERE and some are CITY-SPECIFIC. Whether you live in town or are just visiting, you will have a fun time exploring and discovering the hidden gems that make each city and theme special. 

Every city and theme is rich in history, curiosity, and cool excursions.  If you want to find many of them... then you've come to the right place! 


Local Scavenger Hunts will take you from one unique discovery to the next, and everywhere in between.  Get ready for some awesome experiences, unique photographs, exciting videos, and a lifetime of memories!  

Have fun and Good luck!

Self Guided Adventure

What makes us different than other scavenger hunts?

Clue #1

We have unique and fun missions custom created for each location and theme!

Clue #2

Not a list of generic items to find like other scavenger hunts!

Clue #3

Capture great memories through photos and videos  of  your team completing the missions!

As you complete each mission, you will earn points towards our leaderboard and braggin' rights!

Clue #4

Explore and discover the local hidden gems, history, and culture of each city and theme!

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