Enjoy an Endless Supply of FUN and a donation will be made to your selected school, team, or organization! 

  • Fundraiser

    Every year
    On Sale from $59/year
    • Annual Membership
    • Extra Fundraiser Savings
    • Donation will be made to your selected Fundraiser
    • Unlimited access to all current and future quests
    • New quests added every week
    • Discounts on custom quests for your next party or event
    • No contract - Cancel Anytime

Memberships will be automatically renewed untill the plan is canceled.

AndyQuest is excited to support your Local Community through Fundraisers. In addition to offering an extra-low "fundraiser" price for your Annual Membership, a portion of each purchase will be donated to your school, team, or organization.

If you are interested in setting up a fundraiser with us, click here.

"Growing up, sports, school, and other extra curricular activities have been a huge part of my life, and now, as a parent, they are a huge part of our children's lives (Andy & Jacob).  I am grateful for the opportunity to help support your local community through AndyQuest Fundraisers."

- Jackie, Co-Founder and Mother of 2 boys

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