1.  What is the difference between a quest and a mission?

A quest is made up of several missions (usually 8 to 15 missions, depending on the quest) and focuses on a specific subject or activity, such as "Solar System", "How to Draw" or "Field Trip".  Each mission will be an individual task you will complete and to the receive your points, you will submit a picture or video of yourself or your team completing the mission.  The missions are created to be fun, interesting, and educational.

2. Does everyone in our group have to order separately?

No. Our quests are purchased per team.  There are 2 team sizes for the Field Trip quests, up to 4 players and up to 10 players.  For the Anywhere (non-field trip) quests, each team is allowed up to 10 players.  You will receive a unique Access Code that you will share with your team players.  

3.  Do I have to complete the missions the same day that I purchase it?

No. You do not have to complete the missions the same day of purchase.  Also, you can start and finish your missions on separate days without losing points or photos/videos captured. Our quests are do-at-your-own-pace, so you can do it around your schedule without the stress of having a starting and stopping day/time.

4.  How do I start my AndyQuest missions?

Once you purchase a Single Quest, you will receive an email with your next steps with simple instructions on how to start your quest.  Once you purchase a Membership, you will be logged in to your Member Account that will give you access to all of the quests.  For both Single Quests and Memberships, to make it as easy and convenient as possible, we allow you to start missions anytime you want, without having to schedule anything or contact anyone.

5.  Will I have access to my photos and videos?

Yes. There will be a "Submission Settings" option on the app that allows you to automatically save your photos and videos onto your phone so you can have easy access to them anytime during and after your quest.  

6.  What is a Field Trip quest?

The field trip quest is a great way for you to explore a city or location with missions to guide you along the way.  The missions will teach you about landmarks, culture, history, and other unique and interesting information specific to each city and location.  Field Trips are NOT a list of generic items to find like other scavenger hunts or activities have you do.  Whether you live in town or are just visiting, you will have a fun time exploring and discovering the hidden gems that make each city and location special.  Our field trips will keep you on your toes, can be done at your own pace and on your own schedule, and will allow you to create great memories, photos, and videos along the way.

7.  What is a Membership?

A Membership is a great way to have access to all of the current and future quests at a fraction of the cost!  There are two options you can choose from: Monthly and Annual Memberships. Your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel your account.  You can cancel at anytime through the My Memberships section of your account, and your membership will remain active until the date of your next automatic renewal, at which it will not renew and your access to the account will end.  No Refunds or Prorations will be allowed.

8.  I purchased an AndyQuest from Groupon.  What do I do next?

After you purchase the deal from Groupon, you will need to "View Voucher" within Groupon to get the Promo Code that you will use to redeem your purchase.  Click here to select the AndyQuest you purchased and follow the steps to Checkout using your Promo Code from Groupon.  The next steps will be exactly the same as Question #4 above

9.  I have a party/event coming up and would love to have a custom AndyQuest created.  Is that possible?

Yes. We are able to create a custom quest for you.  Please email us at fun@andyquest.com with "Custom Quote" in the Subject Line as well as information about your party/event, and we will get back to you with more information within 2 business days.

10.  Does AndyQuest partner with schools, teams, and organizations to set up fundraisers?

Yes. We are happy to work with schools, teams, and organizations to set up fundraisers. Your participants will enjoy the extra-low "fundraiser" price for the Annual Membership AND you will receive a portion of each purchase as a donation for partnering with us for your fundraiser.  Let us help you raise money for your school, team, or organization with an easy, minimal-effort fundraiser that kids and parents will enjoy.  Click here and fill out the form, then we will get back with you to finalize details and see if it may be a good fit!

11.  Does AndyQuest partner with community and family oriented groups and events to support local businesses and communities?

Yes. We are happy to work with your community and family oriented groups and events to support local businesses and communities.  Click here and fill out the form, then we will get back with you to finalize details and see if it may be a good fit!